Friday, January 8, 2010

Paw paw even nicer than passionfruit

Harvested my first mountain paw paw this week. Yummy! The middle flesh was sweet and wonderfully tasting - think of a passionfruit but sweeter. I am amazed that we can grow them here in the Waikato/NZ.

They are smaller than normal paw paw as you can see they are slightly larger than a passion fruit. Once cut open you can see the black seeds in a white flesh. There is yellow flesh lining the skin. The white flesh was delectable the sweetest flesh that I have ever tasted. The yellow flesh was quite hard and no particularly sweet. Reading the notes on the fruit this outside flesh is typically cooked. So next time I will try steaming this flesh with some other vegetable. 

These fruit have been on the tree for nearly a year now. They grew before winter and haven't grown much in size this summer, just ripening. There are quite a few on the tree as this photo shows

The larger fruit at the bottom will ripen up this summer and new fruit is being set at the top of the trunk.

Looking forward to eating more of them.

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