Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's about the economy stupid

Bill Clinton supposedly said something like this in one of his debates. It brings home the point that so many of our decisions in life revolve around the ability to pay for things.

Unsurprisingly an article in the NZ herald today discussed a study which showed if the price of fruits and vegetables were dropped by 12.5% (the level of GST) then purchases of these went up 11%. However if people were just educated about how they should be increasing fruits and vegetables they didn't change their behavior.

This really doesn't surprise me. Fortunately we grow a lot of our fruit and vege's and know a lot of people who are happy for us to come an share in the abundance of their back yard fruit tree(s). Therefore we don't purchase a large amount of fresh produce from the supermarket. However we will do it if we see something on special. Something that we perceive to be a great deal. So if the price was reduced people's purchasing would go up (note purchase doesn't always mean it gets eaten).

Also it shows up the problem with our Greek/Roman thought pattern. We have equated knowledge (education) with wisdom. Wisdom is the correct application of truth, the truth itself without action is just knowledge. To grow in wisdom involves grappling with the truth and ingraining into your life.

I of all people wrestle with this. I know more about nutrition than most people. Yet I have eat a lot of sugar and chocolate, knowing that it is not healthy but my poor habits are rather ingrained......

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