Friday, March 26, 2010

Nutrients intake while pregnant impacts labor

It makes logical sense that mum's nutrition before, during and after pregnancy affects baby. One point that stresses doctors is the "late" onset of labor. We have had personal experience with people getting antsy when our girls were "overdue". Tiffany went into labor naturally for the first two, but at 14 days "overdue". For Yasmin, number 3, me moved Tiffany's dates so that Yasmin was due two weeks later than in "theory". Thus no one got upset and worried. We figured that Tiffany just carries late - or ovulates late in the cycle.

So I am interested as to nutritional things that effect onset of labor. In a Jordan study they found that:
Daily intakes of zinc, calcium, vitamin B6, and n-3 and n-6 fatty acids were associated with labor spontaneity 
I should point out that they only looked at: zinc, calcium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B6. Thus we cannot exclude other nutrients/minerals/vitamins as being important with onset of labor. I also wonder if the intake of these things are correlated with a healthier diet......Zinc is used in so many different places in your body and calcium intake is very important in pregnancy as baby "sucks" calcium out of mum. I am also aware that one of the omega-3 fatty acids is used by the body to make the hormone that dilates the cervix, thus it is no surprise that it is in the list. More interesting is the omega 6 fatty acid, again it could be that intake of this is correlated with a better diet.

So in conclusion it would make sense to eat well and take a multi & high quality fish oil, so your intake of these nutrients are at optimal levels

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