Friday, February 11, 2011

We look after our dogs better than ourselves !

Was flicking through a dog magazine and saw "Diets for arthritis and joint problems". In this article they suggest making up a special feed for dogs with joint issues and/or senior dogs. This has a number of supplements in the mix. In the table below I list the levels they are recommending for a medium dog (20kg) and compare this to equivalent for a 80 kg person.

 20 kg dog
80 kg person 
 Vitamin E
 200 IU
  800 IU
 Vitamin C
 900 mg
 3 600 mg
 Evening primrose oil
 1 capsule
 4 capsules
 Omega 3 fish oil
 1 capsule
 4 capsules
 Cod liver oil (omega 3's, & fat soluble vitamins)
 1/2 teaspoon
 2 teaspoons
Vitamin B's from yeast
 32 g
 128 g (approx 1/2 cup)
Lecithin (good fat molecule)  
 16 g
 64 g
Calcium carbonate
  8 g
Sea kelp (trace elements)
  4 g
 16 g

On cannot make a direct comparison between dogs (I keep on spelling it a gods) and people isn't possible. The different metabolic rates means that we can only get an indicative comparison. That said this shows how much we will supplement our dogs, yet I would be very surprised that the people making up the dog food would take a supplement that had comparable vitamin/mineral levels. There is something irrational in us looking after pets, in this case dogs, better than we look after ourselves and our families. 

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