Thursday, July 7, 2011

Choline - If Tiffany goes pregnant she will definitely take it

If Tiffany gets pregnant again, not that we are planning it, but not discounting it either, she will definitely be supplementing with choline. This is because a recent review had this to say:
A recent study in a mouse model of Down Syndrome reported improvements in cognitive function and emotion regulation in mice born to mothers supplemented with choline during the perinatal period (41). This work expands upon earlier work in rodents showing that extra exposure to choline during the perinatal period yielded long lasting beneficial effects on memory, learning and attention (42).
That "long lasting beneficial effect on memory, learning and attention" is something I want for my kids! Choline is a very recent addition to the vitamin family, coming on board in 1998, hence it isn't that well known. It took me quite some time to realize that it wasn't chlorine! Couldn't figure out why chlorine would be an essential nutrient as it is poisonous! Reminds me that I thought Emblems NZ a shop in Hamilton was actually Embalmers NZ. I had visions of bodies being shipped from around the country to be embalmed. I never could figure out why they would advertize themselves with such big signage. Tiffany was in hysterics when I mentioned they were embalmers NZ. The joys of being dyslexic.

Anyway back to choline. The good news is that it is relatively inexpensive as a supplement ingredient so good multi's will have it including in their ingredient list.

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