Sunday, July 26, 2009

Growing banana's in the Waikato NZ

Have always been fascinated about growing bananas in NZ. On my last hunter - gathering day I obtained a bunch of bananas. I had heard that wrapping bananas in plastic bag and putting in a warm spot they will ripen instead of dieing with the frosts. Checked my bananas yesterday. They have yellowed up nicely.

However upon opening you can see all the black hard seeds, which makes it inedible. Nibbling on the banana flesh gave an almost acceptable flavor. It left furry feel in the mouth, like when you bite a slightly unripe banana from the shop.

The good news is that bananas can be grown locally, and ripened in doors. I have also been told that if you removed the flower from the end of the banana bunch they bananas get much bigger, so reasonable sized fruit might be obtainable.

All that is left is to choice the variety. However there are quite a few banana varieties to choose from.....


  1. These looked like the lady finger bananas that we had in Cairns Australia. The family we had there were determined that they were much nicer than the other varieties of Bananas, much sweeter (suited them because I am sure the whole family has a sweet tooth!).

  2. Thanks for the comment. Think you are right, the pictures online, such as these ones:

    Look very similar to the plant and bunch that I got.