Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First things first - overcoming Imposter Syndrom

Went to a seminar about "Impostor" syndrome. It is basically when you don't believe you are worth your accomplishments, or you are a fake or fraud in being successful.

I have it really bad! Especially in the health area. I know all the things that we as a family should be doing to live in optimal health. And as I struggle to live this I feel afraid that someday someone will find out how unhealthy our lives are, and I will loose all creditability.

So I am learning to appreciate myself and my efforts, instead of telling myself how I don't measure up. For instance on Monday we were still recovering from a mammoth and wonderful celebration of life and marriage. So on paper I didn't achieve much, and in terms of billable hours (ie income) zilch. However what I did do was important. I did exercise, I juiced, we eat well and I nurtured our marriage as helped Tiffany clean up for her tupperware party (they bake things using the tupperware so the kitchen had to be quickly tided up after dinner. )

So I did important things. So instead of telling yourself that you are not doing enough for your health, celebrate the journey you are towards wellness. Rejoice in the small and important things that you do, feel good, give yourself a pat on the back instead of a monkey on your shoulder.

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