Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The domino effect

In conjunction with my earlier post about reaping what you sow, have been thinking about the domino effect in health. For the first time I have experiences this in the medical field.

I am on large doses of antidepressants (I fully endorse herbal medicine for depression, why I changed may be posted sometime).

Antidepressants have the side effect of giving me a dry mouth. The oral hygienists that I went to yesterday told me that I have a higher risk of cavities because I have a dry mouth. This is because saliva contains anti cavity enzymes that "clean" the teeth, thus reducing bacteria and plack build up. A dry mouth inhibits these good enzymes.

Probably due to the reduced enzymes is responsible for the bacteria and fungal infection on the side of my lips (not a cold sore so my dentist told me). So now I am applying topical cream. This hopefully will not lead to further issues.

Tha antidepressants have slowed my metabolism, therefore I have put on weight because I didn't reduce my calorie intake. Because I have put on weight I have started to get heart burn due to over eating and tight pants. Therefore I should be on another medication to heal this. I instead have used the pain to motervate me to reduce energy intake.

Thus one medication has side effects, these side effects need another medication to reduce them, and the cycle goes around and around as your wellness decreases at every step.

The good news is that you can reverse the cycle, and that once the cycle is reversed the domino effect works in your favour helping you get better.

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