Sunday, September 13, 2009

In 30 years a lot can change - for the good

Slowly working through the local video store obtaining the education I never got as a kid (and I am rather grateful that I didn't!). Anyway under the B section of the action series (I am working in a slight random but systematic way) . Got out Breaker Breaker a film staring Chuck Norris, and released in 1977. (Don't bother about seeing it - take it from me it is not a classic)

Now I was around in the seventies but don't remember much. I was struck by how other worldly the movie was. The trouser flairs looked like you could use them as parachutes, the hair styles looked like my hair style when I haven't had a hair cut in a while and the cars looked like classic cars.

It got me thinking about how massively different the world is 30 years on. This then made me think about how our food could be massively improved in another 30 years. As more and more people are moving towards a more wholesome eating there is a strong possibility that in 30 years we will have far more nutritious food available.

This fulls me with great hope. I have a tendency to look at the negative in how our food and nutrients have been destroyed by modern practices. However in the last few years we have seen the rise of farmer markets, protein bars in the supermarket and new fruits and vegetables available for the home garden. So another 30 years into the journey things could be massively better, as all the small steps that you and I take sum up into an incredible journey.

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