Monday, October 12, 2009

Choosing a suppliment is hard !

I had forgotten how difficult it was to select which supplement to purchase at the supermarket. It has been a long time since I have stood in a health shop or a supermarket trying to decide what supplement to purchase. I don't purchase my supplements through these channels. Mainly because they are cost focused, that is consumers compare the supplements based upon price. However as a rule of thumb you get what you pay for with supplements. Therefore a cost focused sales channel focus on making things cheaper, thus reducing quality, instead of focusing on best thing for the customer.

So we use Nutriway, a MLM supplement, thus has to be ordered posted out which takes a few days, or we purchase things from The Herbal Shop, who do both herbal supplements and one range of vitamin supplements. As we don't often get sick we purchase what we need in advance or for a specific application. 

However last week I got sick. It was my fault I could feel my body working against a viral infection. Tiffany went away to a conference and while she was gone my eating went to pot and I had a lot of what sugar and very little nutritious food. Therefore the virus got the upper hand.

So I went to the supermarket to get some vitamin C to help my body recover. Wow that was a challenge! First thing I noticed was that the supplements were grouped via producer, not by supplement type. When you go to purchase a canned product they don't lump all Watties products in one aisle, all home brand in another and Heinz in another. No you get the beetroot grouped in the same place with Watties next to the home-brand next to Heniz. This enables quick and easy comparison and helps decision making. However this is not done in the vitamin section.

Thus I was overwhelmed with brands, red seal, blackmores, barocca, plus a whole lot more that I can't remember their names. I had to attempt to find each vitamin C product from each brand. As I was under the weather and not good at finding stuff at the best of time this was very challenging. Once I had determined which vitamin C products existed I tried to compare them. However they seemed to be all different, trying to be better than all the other products. It was a challenging decision, this is how made it
  • No artificial colorings, flavoring or sweeteners. It makes no sense in my mind to purchase a product that you want your body to use to get better and at the same time challenge your body with some extra poisons. 
  • Minimal extra's. I already had a supplement that provided enough B's and other nutrients so multi package deals were no needed.
  • Not just vitamin C. Although I already take a supplement that has bioflavonids in it, thus helping my body use the vitamin C, I think that have bioflavoinds means that the product has higher quality. Thus these products made it onto the possible list
  • Price. Once I had narrowed it down to these few items it came down to value/cost. Fortunately the best vitamin C tablets that I could find was on special which made it one of the cheaper options 

What did I end up with? Blackmores Bio C 1000mg. It has a high level of vitamin C and a bunch of compounds that are normally found in with vitamin C in nature. Citrus bioflavonoids extract, rosehips extract and Acerola extracts along with other specific bioflavonoids

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