Monday, October 5, 2009

Our kids are iodine deficient !

Flicking through The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition was very surprised to see a NZ study based in Dunedin. It looked at mild iodine deficiency and brain function. The 10-13 year old kids had no obvious signs of iodine deficiency (eg goutier), however from urine analysis they had sub optimal iodine levels.

After 28 weeks of supplementation the supplementation had improved two out four tests for intelligence/brain function. Thus improving their cognitive function. Lastly it was a placebo double blind trial so this result is very trust worthy.

I find it very disturbing that our children here in NZ are not getting enough iodine. This is very god timing as we have just run out the kids multi-mineral tablets (actually a combination of multivitamin and multi mineral as I have been unable to find a kids multi mineral, chewable tablet) So I will be making sure that this suppliment contains iodine.

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