Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strawberries after dinner are best.

Have been watching my strawberries ripen, a week or two and we will be enjoying delicious berries. Found out today that strawberries vitamin C (55-90 mg per 100grams fruit) is highest just after a sunny day. Therefore picking strawberries after dinner for a delicious desert maximizes their vitamin C.

As most of you have seen commercial strawberries are picked early morning to maximize their shelf life as this is when the fruits have the maximum amount of water in them.Thus they are able to stay "fresh" for longer.

The question I now have is teh cup and half of strawberries that decreases colestrol picked in the morning or afternoon? And is there a difference?

Reference Lyle S. Discovering Fruits and Nuts. pg 215

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  1. Strawberries are a significant wellspring of nutrient C and contain an outstanding measure of melatonin. One cup of cut fruits has just 53 calories. At that rate, you could appreciate two cups and remain well beneath the suggested 200-calorie limit for late-night snacks. Strawberry good to eat at night