Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Personalized suppliment packs

If you have been to the doctor lately you may have seen a add for pachaging your drugs into a blister pack. So all you need to do is pop all the drugs out of the blister pack and take them. It takes the hassle out of taking a collection of tablets. Remembering that older people tend to be large takers of pills. Avoids fiddling around with bottles - being older eye sight might be poor, or weaknes in the wrists can go making unscrewing bottle lids challedging. Not to mention wondering if you have taken todays pills - something I even struggle to remember.

So this blister pack simplifes things. I have heard that individual blister pack for vitamins was coming out. Well I have just stumbled across a site that does this. You can choose from groups of vitamins and herbs and they will package them into your own blister sheet. This has a number of advantages:
  • Easy to remember if you have taken them today. If todays pack is not open you haven't
  • Makes ordering simpler. Because of the range of supplements we take they run out at different times so we are often running low or short because we haven't got around to getting that specific supplement.
  • Transportable, it means you can cut out you pack and take it with you. Thus you are not carrying around small bottles/holders all the time (and loosing them). It also makes going on holiday easier - we have to pack a small box of pills and such as it is simpler to pack all the bottles instead of sorting the right number out. 
So I think is a fanastic concept. May it reach NZ soon (or maybe we will all change to ordering from America!)  

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