Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feedback loop now working !

Some of you would know that due to my burnout and depression I am on rather powerful sleeping medication combined with what would be "complementary" medicine. This was good move as it got me sleeping, instead of waking up in the middle of the night screaming, or waking feeling worse than going to bed. However in the long term I need to move off the medication.

I have cut down the drug does from 120 unit to 100 units. Have now hit a snag as the 50 unit pills seem to induce better sleep than 5x10 pills.

The other thing I am on are melatonin - both normal release - and long term release for helping getting to sleep and staying asleep respectively.

One of the issues with such strong medication is that it didn't matter what I did (apart from having lots of dark chocolate just before bed) I would be knocked out and sleep really well. Hence I lost my motivation to stay fit. Before the powerful drugs I was taking herbals, the would work, but if I didn't exercise, I didn't sleep properly.As I lost my need to exercise I started to gain weight and have done a very good job at gaining weight.

So very pleased, I have cut down my melatonin to 1/4 of a tablet. If I am unfit I don't drop off to sleep easily. However being fit - straight to sleep. So this has got me out exercising again. Hopefully this will stop the weight gain!

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