Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vitamin E is higher in grass feed beef

Following on from yesterday, vitamin E is higher in grass feed beef. This increase is from double to 5 times the level and on average 2.8 times higher. These was enough data to give an average, where as yesterdays beta carotene there were only 3 data points, so average couldn't be calculated. 

This is important because vitamin E is one of the hardest vitamins to obtain your RDI. Therefore eating meat from grass feed animals would be a good source of vitamin E.

The paper also stated:
Vitamin E (a-tocopherol) acts post-mortem to delay oxidative deterioration of the meat; a process by which myoglobin is converted into brown metmyoglobin, producing a darkened, brown appearance to the meat. In a study where grass-fed and grain-fed beef
were directly compared, the bright red color associated with oxymyoglobin was retained longer in the retail display in the grass-fed group, even thought the grass-fed
meat contains a higher concentration of more oxidizable n-3 PUFA.
 This tells me that the brown colored meat is less healthy for you as it has used up the antioxidants that keep it red, hence will be less nutritious. It also tells me that even though grass feed beef has higher omega-3 which are easily damaged by oxidation make it into your system because the higher vitamin E protects them.  

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