Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Depressed: try 125-300 mg of Magnesium - 4x a day

When you body is not well, it is highly likely to be lacking in some nutrient. The difficulty when it comes to disease such as depression is that we don't/can't measure the nutrients levels to determine which nutrient(s) you could be lacking.

Therefore it is my advice you need to keep trying things until you find what works for you. Something you should try if you suffer from depression is a magnesium supplement of 125 - 300 mg as "glycinate and taurinate with each meal and at bedtime." So that is a large dose of magnesium throughout the day. Personally I would suggest taking a multi product, say twice a day, and increase the dose so that the magnesium reaches the suggested levels. Then at the other meals/bedtime just take the magnesium product. This means you are getting not just the magnesium.

Now it is very important to get the right type of magnesium. Generally speaking your body finds chelated minerals eg minerals bound to proteins the easiest to absorb, then salts and lastly oxides. The price is correlated, the amino acid bound minerals are the most expensive. Therefore if you are going to trial this magnesium for depression you MUST obtain the chelated/amino acid bound magnesium. Preferably the glycinate or taurinate as this is what they studies used. However other amino acid bound magnesium is likely to produce the same result.  

What type of time frame would you expect to see a change? "rapid recovery (less than 7 days)". That's right you should see a result very quickly!

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