Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mint slices - would have been healthy once

I love mint products, especially mint and chocolate. One of my most favourite bustiers is Arnotts Mint Slices. I love to pop the whole biscuit in at once and chew it. I love to bite chunks off and slowly dissolve them in my mouth. I love to scrap and suck the tops and bottoms off till all that is left is the biscuit. Did I mention that I love mint slices.....

I can't say that Arnotts has been compared with the other brands, but as I was sharing the packet with my brother this week, something caught my eye. See close up to the right "with pure mint oil". This got me thinking - are other brands made without mint oil? And if so what gives them the peppermint flavor? Something that is completely manufactured in a lab?

Peppermint is a wonderful herb. I have a mint garden with apple mint, common mint, basil mint, my afterdinner mint is on its last legs and is trying to decide if it is going to completely die or come away. My peppermint is dead. I'm not to sure why the issues I have never had any problem growing mint before.

Anyway back to the point. Mint biscuits one day would have had mint in them! Peppermint has health benefits. The most commonly known benefit is that it helps in digestion and settles the stomach. Hence we have after dinner mints or peppermint tea after a large meal. Especially if the meal is high in fat.

Mint leaves also that the following properties "Antioxidant, antiulcer, cytoprotective, heptoprotective, cholagogue, chemopreventive, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetogenic etc. "

Clearly it is good to eat mint. However the biscuits that we devoured likely didn't have any medical value, and I suspect that after we ate them our bodies were worse off, not better off. So instead of eating a health food product we ate a "death food" product.

PS last Christmas I dipped After Dinner Mint leaves in melted dark chocolates. This made for a Divine special treat. The best part was eating the chocolate left on the sides of the bowl after all the leaves had been dipped. The chocolate had absorbed large amounts of peppermint flavor and was heavenly.

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