Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two blog aims

This blog has two core aims, they are:

1) Provide easily understandable commentary on health and nutrition topics. This will includes unpacking new research into easily understandable and applicable information. I will also review older work as I slowly work through the written journals that I had the good fortune to appropriate. Lastly I will comment, were applicable, on wellness topics in the news.

This also has a benefit for me, as it records were I found data and stories, because in the past I know some data but struggle to remember where I read it. This is not very helpful when I want to revisit that topic or idea.

2) Journey back to wellness. This will be my personal and my families journey back to a wellness lifestyle. We used to have a lifestyle that was centered upon wellness. However a number of significant events happened five years ago that through this lifestyle into disarray. Thus we are now seeking to find that lifestyle again. The purpose of this is to give you hope that you can also make this journey.

I look forward to jorneying with you through this blog....

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