Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worse to have depression than a broken body

Wading through this abstract, which is about correlation between mental disorder and physical disorder,that is mental health issue and other medical issues. the data was gleaned from"National Comorbidity Survey Replication, a nationally representative household survey", a USA study . It is a bit hard to understand however I have gleaned this from the abstract:
  • That mental disorder is more impairing to the person than the physical disorder for 74% of the study group.
  • Severe impairment was significantly higher for the mental disorder group (42%) vs only 24.4% of the physical impairment group.
  • The impairment area was different for both groups. The "chronic medical disorders were most likely to be associated with impairment in domains of work and home functioning, mental disorders were most commonly associated with problems in social and close-relation domains." This is not to surprising that physical disorder hinds people actually doing something, and doing stuff is work or home related. Mental issues are inherently embedded in relational issues.
  • Treatment was significantly lower for the mental disorder (21.4%) vs physical impairment group (58.2%)
This relates well to my experiences, both dyslexia - which may or may not have been included in the study as a "mental disorder" and with my depression. I was whining one day to the elder statesman of the business I once worked for. Whining about how I would much prefer to have a physically disability than the mental issues I had. After I said it I though, foot in mouth disease alert because he had a son in his early 30's who had a genetic dwarfism condition which was in effect killing him early and was a significant impairment. Instead of the polite telling off that I thought was coming, he actually agreed with me. This was the first I realised how difficult mental disorders really are. As he had seen both my struggles and his sons, and had realised that mine was harder to deal with, less support etc. I think it because they were not visible, so people assume you "making it up" or can't relate.

Thinking of the times that I have been physically disabled eg broken limbs, it was not as significant as not being able to fill out the form at the clinic. Under stress my dyslexia returns with a vengeance - I think being sick is stressful.

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