Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vitamin D: Get your belly out

One might assume that all parts of the skin produce the same level of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Well it turns out this assumption is not valid. The following graph illustrates this. The first column is completely covered in sunscreen. The next is head and neck not covered in sunscreen and the third arms not covered in sun screen. These first three columns are not statistically different from each other. This means that head/neck and arms don't produce enough vitamin D to make a difference to vitamin D levels. What this also means is that you can put lots of sunscreen on your neck, face and arms and not worry about reducing your vitamin D levels, cause they were not going to rise anyway.   

The trunk and the legs body area produced maximum vitamin D levels, just like having on sunscreen on at all. This means that you want to expose your stomach/back/trunk area, or your legs to the sun. This is very important in winter because vitamin D levels are low.

So go find yourself a warm, sunny and sheltered area where you can strip down in the winter sun. hmmm  topless sunbathing should be encouraged :) and for those who would like to see a topless car wash should check out this link (LOL and SFW)

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