Monday, August 23, 2010

Fluoridation - it work - but only needs very low levels

I don't support fluoridation in public water systems. This is purely on principle. Fluoride is very difficult to extract from the water system. Therefore the average person has no ability to make a personal choice and not consume fluoride. I simply don't trust some person in a white coat dictating the "health" of the multitudes. So often what is deemed a great idea in one decade, is the stuff of horror stories the next decade. So peoples choice about there health, should be their choice.

However I am not like some campaigners who believe that it doesn't provide any health benefits. It does as the graph below shows. The Waikato River where our drinking water comes from has a fluoride level that fluctuates around 1.5ppm. So you can see that our children receive a "healthy" dose. However in Hamilton where they add fluoride to the water supply the level is at 8ppm. This is four times the dose required! Given that fluoride is a very poisons substance, I would be dosing at the lowest level possible to achieve the same health effects. 

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