Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wheat germ and bran are much better for you

Something that should not be a surprise to you. Wheat germ, the "alive" part of the seed and Wheat bran the outside coating has more antioxidants than the "white" part of the seed (the Endosperm).

Their total content in analysed wheat products decreased in the following order: germ > bran > whole grains not, vert, similar whole grain flours > refined flours > refined bread much greater-than low-protein flour mixture

So no surprise that you should be having brown wheat (white flour = white death). And that adding wheat germ or wheat brain into a meal would be healthy. I new about wheat germ, but didn't really give it any thought as to where it came from or how it is used. I will know put it on my shopping list as it would be a healthy addition to foods.

Reference: Sergei S. Zhokhova Anders Broberga, Lennart Kennea and Jelena Jastrebova Content of antioxidant hydroquinones substituted by β-1,6-linked oligosaccharides in wheat milled fractions, flours and breads Food Chemistry Volume 121, Issue 3, 1 August 2010, Pages 645-652
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