Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Health food - that is unhealthy ?!

I have have a confession to make: I am a sugar/sweet tooth, and often get the sugar cravings. At this time in my life I am not doing a very good job winning against the sugar drug.

Was in the supermarket last night needing a fix. My philosophy on eating is always try and do something that improves the nutrition of the food/meal. This means that always looking to eat food that is healthier or better, it is continues improvement - not a tick in the box as achieved.

So last night I purchased some dehydrated tropical fruit instead of confectionery. However upon getting home and read the fine print I was mortified to notice the following:
  • Strawberries in the packet had flavor and color (129) added. Thus this was a source of artificial flavoring and colorings.
  • That is was a product of Thailand and it had kiwifruit in it. I don't mind in principle that the product was made in Thailand, after all it was a tropical fruit mix. However I don't think that they grow Kiwifruit in Thailand. Therefore the kiwifruit were picked in another country, then processed in Thailand before being shipped to me. Logical tells me that this process was going to destory nearly all nutrition in the kiwifruit. It also raises the question of were the other fruits also imported into Thailand for processing. 
  • Fish taste. I did not that some of the deyhdrated fruit had a slight fishy taste. Go figure
  • They used sulfa dioxide (220) as a preservative. It states on the packaging that it has more than 10mg/kg of food. I couldn't find much information online about E220 that wasn't hysteria. However I think we can safely assume that a chemical preservative isn't going to be good for you ! 
So in trying to eat healthier I have consumed artificial color, flavor and high level of preservative. The food has traveled a long distance, and hence will be "old" and lacking in nutrients. This really isn't a health food then. 

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  1. Yuck! I can't believe they even call it food, much less health food! I am following your blog now. Check out my blog at www.hungrigyrl@blogspot.com. Thanks!