Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess the date: Abuse of fertilizer

When do you think this quote was written:
Chapter 12: The abuse of the major element fertilizers: some concequences
How is it possible, when it is generally recognized that at least thirteen elements are essential for plant growth and development, that most agricultural practices still continue to vase their fertilizer application on the assumption that three, or maybe four, elements are all that is necessary in practical agriculture? This 'four fertilizer mentality' is still so widespread, and its consequences so detrimental to good agriculture, that is must be discussed in some detail. 
Sounds pretty modern to me. Four fertilizer mentality is alive and well - normally it is three fertilizer mentality. Go on take a guess, then scroll down

Was it > 2000 no..... keep going back

> 1990 no..... keep going back

> 1980 no..... keep going back

> 1970 no..... keep going back

Date of publication 1964. A wonderful work by Karl Schutte. The biology of the trace elements. He is survived by his wife who I talked to a few years ago in South Africa when I wanted to use one of his illustrations for my book. So after 50 years since the publications very little progress has been made into making sure that trace elements are in the soil for plant, animal and human health. It took me ages to find a trace element mix here in NZ that had both iodine and selenium. Both are in very low levels in our soils.

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