Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vege's and health - is it magic in the vege's or is it low sugar/fat/starch compo

We had a kiddy party over the weekend, Trinity turned 8. A day of a bunch of girls getting hypo on sugar and colorings. Totally enjoyable day.

Got me thinking....... high consumption of vegetables is highly correlated to healthy life. Now it is the vegetables that have lots of goodness in them as they provide nutrients that keep you healthy.

Or is that people who like vegetables don't like sugary and fatty substances. For instance my father likes veges and preferentially eats them over meats, sweets and processed foods. Thus he still looks, feels and acts younger than his age.

However I am like my mother - very happy on a diet of chocolate and deserts. Veges are a chore not a love.

Thus you could conclude that high vege intake = low sugar/fat/processed foods = health. Or is it veges = health. Cause if it is veges = health I can have my cake and eat it to - along with 6+ cups of veges a day. 

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