Monday, August 30, 2010

Graph that explains optimal nutrient intake

All I can say is I wish I had seen this for my book. This explains the concept around optimal nutrient level perfectly. The RDI's were set based upon (1) or (2) level of deficiency eg death or clinical effects. This is clearly significantly lower than for the AROI, or optimal dose. I should point out that this is a theoretical graph and there could be even a larger distance between levels (1) or (2) and the optimal level. 

Reference: Christine Hotz, Nicola M. Lowe, Magdalena Araya and Kenneth H. Brown Assessment of the Trace Element Status of Individuals and Populations: The Example of Zinc and Copper Supplement: 11th International Symposium on Trace Elements in Man and Animals  J. Nutr. 133:1563S-1568S, May 2003

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