Thursday, August 19, 2010

Healthy kids teeth - have some molybdenum

Most people are aware that fluoride in water helps prevent cavities in childrens teeth. This issue to me is (a) mass dosing of all the population and (b) what level do you use. I will write a post of this once I have a graph scanned in.

This post is about molybdenum and teeth. Molybdenum is a trace element that is used in bone and teeth. My trusty trace elements book has the following data from a rat study:
  • 25ppm molybdenum18% reduction in dental caries
  • 25ppm fluorine 32% reduciton 
  • 25ppm molybdenum + 25ppm fluorine 52% reduction 
It then goes onto say:
The observation made in NZ that children eating vegetables from the molybdenum such as Napier area had fewer caries than those fed on vegetables from other area, such as Hastings, is in complete agreement with these findings.
So NZ soils and drinking water? Molybdenum is found in granites and other sedimentary rocks. Therefore in NZ it is found in large areas of the south island. However when water was tested the average level of molybdenum was found to be ND. This means Not Detectable, the lower limit of tests was 30 ppm. Therefore it is possible that the drinking water has 25ppm, but it is impossible to tell.........

I am therefore grateful that there is molybdenum in trace element mixes I use every time I plant something in the garden. 

Reference: Karl Schutte. 1964 The biology of the trace elements.

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